Billion Watts Technologies is one of the subsidiaries under the Billion Electric Group Based on its parent company's communications and power technology expertise, Billion Watts Technologies offers a broad range of PV solar string and module-level monitoring solutions that fully display every adequately reveal every nano details about a solar site, including energy productivity, sunlight irradiation density, ambient & panel temperature, humidity, and all power parameters to help customers improve the efficiency of PV solar energy equipment and solar power plant power generation.

Overview of the project

Billionwatts didn't had a website and we were assigned for the development of the website which consists of 44 pages.The site is multilingual exposed to 5 different languages.The multilingual website has to be managed through a content management system programmed into the back-end of the website.

The site has to be responsive across all platforms.

Live Website

Wireframing & Style Concepts

Wireframes were created which formed the basis of the initial design.The project was divided into three stages.

  1. Wireframes and home page design
  2. Submission of all page layouts for client approval
  3. Launch of the static html developer version in order to meet a deadline for a technological in which Billionwatts was participating
  4. Finally the dynamic multilingual website driven through a content management system

Final Design Views

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